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Rendezvous Bay Hotel was Anguilla’s first beach resort. In 1958, while on a visit back home from the U.S., Jeremiah and Lydia Gumbs purchased the first 29 acres once used by the Awaraks as a landing place prior to their pilgrimage to the Fountain Cavern located in Shoal Bay East on the opposite side of the island.

And although the Arawaks never lived on Rendezvous permanently, it was the first place when coming to Anguilla that they landed, cooked meals, bathed children, prayed and ultimately prepared for their journeys to and from the island.

Centuries later, Lydia and Jeremiah Gumbs, much like their Awarak predecessors, would be drawn to the beauty and outright virginity of the two and a half mile coastline. Consequently, the dream and reality of Rendezvous Bay Hotel for Lydia and Jeremiah Gumbs began as well as the future of Anguilla’s tourism starting with five single rooms facing the sea, perched on the rocky side of the property built using the first stone crusher and cement mixer brought to the island by the family patriarch. At the time, there was no electricity. Roads that exist today were thick with brush and difficult to access by foot. Chickens, fresh vegetables and fruits were cultivated on the land in order to have food along with fresh fish and lobster harvested from the sea.

In 1962 the hotel opened with five rooms furnished, decorated and setup to take care of travelers: this was the beginning of the warm and welcoming ways that has defined the traditional Rendezvous Bay Hotel service experienced at the Hotel even today. Over the years additional rooms were added until the resort grew to a total of 44 bustling rooms catering to families, business travelers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and others.

During 2007, expansion and re-development of the hotel was planned and the hotel closed to pave its way. However, the expansion did not go forward and the hotel remained closed until 2014 when Alan and Lisa Gumbs began a renovation of the hotel’s beach villa units.

Known for its unique location and proximity to the water, the Hotel goes beyond just being on the beach, but highlights its signature offering: that you are able to sit in your room and watch the waves turn.

Rendezvous Bay Hotel, truly an authentic Anguillian experience.


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