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If you would like to get married in Anguilla, you have two options:

By the Magistrate at the Court House or

By a Minister of religion who is a registered Marriage Officer for Anguilla



Both persons come into the Court Registry two days (the latest) prior to the day of marriage to make an application for a marriage license.

Present both passports or original birth certificate along with drivers license or some other form of identification, (all passports should be valid)

If divorced, present original divorce documents (Decree Absolute) bearing a Seal of the Court of divorce. We also accept copies of the divorce documents but they must be Certified True copies and signed by a Registrar or Clerk of the Court of divorce,

Present a death certificate if one of the spouses from the previous marriage is deceased,

If parties are under the age of 18 consent must be presented,

Produce EC$100.00 or its equivalent of US$37.20 worth of Anguilla stamps, which can be obtained from the General Post Office in Anguilla,

Make a payment of EC$650.00 or its equivalent of US$241.80 which is the cost of the Marriage license.

European countries usually stipulate that an Apostile is attached to the Marriage certificate. (An Apostile is a standard certification attesting the validity of a document obtained in a foreign country). The cost of an Apostile is EC$150.00 / US$55.80 cash or by Travelers Cheques. The Apostile can be obtained at The Ministry of Finance in Anguilla.


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